Articulator SAM NEO
(ART 650M)

SAM NEO articulator “FACE”

The robust entry-level instrument (semi-adjustable articulator) with integrated shallow curvature (#1) and bennett guides with normal sideshift and a flat incisal table.
For MPS magnetic mounting plate system.

Vertical support rod
(ART 625)

Vertical support rod NEO

Extension rod for supporting the unfolded articulator upper part for all hinged SAM ® NEO articulator.

Tilt support rods
(ART 526)

Tilt support rods

Used to protect the condylar housings when the articulator is tilted backwards for SAM® NEO, 2PX and SAM® 3 and articulation devices.

Transfer Bow Kit AX
(ATB 390K)

AXIOQUICK® transfer bow kit – AX

Includes AXIOQUICK® III transfer bow (ATB 303), transfer fork assembly AXIOMATIC® (ATB 395), nasion relator AX (ATB 394), and six hygienic earpiece caps. Due to the high degree of technical perfection using ball bearings, a secure and torsion free connection between transfer bow and transfer fork assembly is achieved.

Mandibular position Indicator
(MPI 316M)

Mandibular position indicator

Used for comparing centric records, changes in mandibular cast position and monitoring splint adjustments, etc., includes universal incisal pin, 15 sheets à six labels with record sheet (MPI110), and calibration tool. for MPS magnetic mounting plate system.

8 MPS magnetic mounting plates
(MPS 150)

MPS mounting plates.

Yellow mounting plates for single use.
including metal adhesion plates

Transferfork support acrylic

(ATB 334)

Transfer fork support, acrylic XL

Used to support transfer fork during upper cast mounting or to support the articulator during lower cast mounting (compensation of occlusal inclination).

Transferstand SE
(ATB 397)

Transferstand SE.

Translucent carrying case
(ART 598)

Transparent packing for articulator.

extra light and space saving storage box with customized foam inserts for articulators, facebows and accessories.